The residential complex «ADMIRAL»

Ukraine, Kiev (pr. Glushkov)

Cast-frame residential building with underground parking. ROBUD STAYER formwork was applied. 


Residential Complex «STUGNA»

Ukraine, Kiev region.

STAYER formwork system provides a variety in options to add extra elements of a height of 150 cm, 75 cm, 50 cm.


Construction of apartment buildings

Lebanon, Beirut

ROBUD formwork is safe, comfortable and highly economical alternative in monolithic projects anywhere in the world.

Other countries

Apartment complex «PECHERSKIY KVARTAL»

Ukraine, Kiev (Druzhby Narodiv prospect)

Frame-monolithic construction, with applying of ROBUD STELDECK formwork.


Apartment complex «COMFORT TOWN»

Ukraine, Kiev (Regeneratorna St.)

Mounting and dismounting of elevator shafts formwork was performed in one peace, without disassembly, due to special technical innovations of ROBUD company.


Shopping and entertainment center «SilverBreeze»

Ukraine, Kiev (P.Tychyny St.)

Monolithic walls, columns with variable height and crossbars were concreted with one set of universal STAYER system.