Column formwork

Square and rectangular columns with variable cross section (5 cm step) can be assembled using the universal panels.

Not only special multipurpose F-type elements but also any standard ROBUD ROBUD STAYER panels can be used for columns assembling. ROBUD STAYER panels can be easily transformed to universal ones on the construction site – all you need for this is a special drill and PVC plugs that are usually included to delivery set.

  • Panel width 120 cm: from 10 to 100 cm;
  • Panel width 100 cm: from 10 to 80 cm;
  • Panel width 75 cm: from 10 to 55 cm

Admissible concrete pressure – 80 kN/m2

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ROBUD ROBUD SOLO formwork– light formwork for square and rectangular columns with section from 20 to 60 cm and adjusting step 5 cm.

Height of columns is 300 сm with possibility of superstructure at 75 cm and 150 cm.

Admissible concrete pressure – 80 kN/m2

Formwork Catalogue 2018

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