Леснично - лифтовый марш. Монтаж опалубки

Al Amin Developpers

Beirut, Lebanon

The use of galvanized formwork for concreting pylons and elevator shafts

Other countries

Retaining wall

Turkey, Istanbul.

With ROBUD STAYER universal formwork system was realized massive retaining wall to hold the ground on slopes of terrain.

Other countries


Bulgaria, Burgas.

The construction is monolithic reinforced concrete beam. There are dense areas in the walls to provide the building with respect to the earthquake.

Other countries

American University

Bulgaria, Sofia

Fence for a sport ground at the American University in Bulgaria.

Other countries

Shopping mall

Lebanon, Beirut.

The height of the monolithic structures exceeds 6 m. This height is due to the existence of the cinema in the shopping center. 

Other countries

Appartment complex «HIGHVILL PARK»

Kazakhstan Republic, Astana.

Monolithic construction is held with help of universal formwork system ROBUD STAYER. Height of concreting is 330 сm.