ROBUD RAMFLEX formwork allows concreting of the curved walls. Bending radius of the shields is adjusted infinitely with the help of screw jacks.

ROBUD RAMFLEX formwork panel consists of shield with adjustable radius, 18 mm plywood and movable hardness frame. Special G type profile is installed on the edges for mutual coupling of the shields. Connection of the elements is realized with adjustable coupler – ZRK, which allows not only to put up to 10 cm additional inserts between panels, but also to connect ROBUD RAMFLEX with ROBUD STAYER universal panels.

Technical features of the system:

  • Minimal bending radius – 2,5 m;
  • Admissible concrete pressure – 50 kN/m2 ;
  • Infinitely adjustable bending radius;
  • Using of ROBUD STAYER standard component parts;
  • Compatibility with all ROBUD formwork systems;
  • Possibility 10 cm insert installation between any panels;
  • Reinforced protection of plywood edges in connection G-profile of the panel;
  • Possibility of using the elements on straight walls;
  • Possibility of assembling the system elements up to 6 m high;

ROBUD VERTICAL climbing formwork system is designed to make the pouring of vertical monolithic concrete walls. ROBUD VERTICAL system is intended to be used with the element of ROBUD STAYER universal system or with ROBUD RAMFLEX formwork system for curved walls, which should be assembled into enlarged units. Such units are moved by the crane from one point to another, without additional stocking on the job site.

Technical features of the system:

  • Possibility of using the climbing system for concreting of straight and curved walls;
  • Assembling by enlarged units;
  • Shifting of the formwork to the next position without intermediate stocking;
  • Almost unlimited height of concreting of the vertical walls;
  • Apply of reusable anchor bolts to fasten the system to concrete;

Supporting frames ROBUD CF-400 – safety guarantee for work with single-sided wall formwork. In places where it’s impossible to use double-sided formwork supporting frames are applied, they transmit loads from concrete pressure towards foundation.


  • Edge formwork for foundation
  • trench walls, piling walls, sustaining walls
  • when concreting closely to brickwork and insulating covers
  • for formwork intended for massive concrete blocks when building dams

Supporting frames ROBUD CF-400 are designed for work with framed formwork, concreting height up to 4 m

Product specifications:

  • Safe transmission of concreting forces through inclined anchors towards foundation.
  • Quick and economical adaptation to pressure of fresh concrete mix by means of change of distance between supporting frames.
  • Strong one-piece construction thanks to appliance of frame tubes

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