ROBUD STELDECK is a slab formwork for projects of any complexity and various configurations. Neatly selected assortment of parts allows it to be used on construction sites systematically. The maximum height of concreting is up to 5.90 meters. For higher slab we recommend ROBUD TT 100 STACKING TOWERS (scaffolding tower).The main components of STELDECK: telescopic prop; tripod; forked head (crown); supporting head; wooden beam H20; wooden three-layer plate or plywood (deck); guard railings.

Telescopic props.

ROBUD STELDECK telescopic props with working capacity from 1 to 3 tm allow to concrete slabs from 2,2 up to 5,90 m high.

ROBUD STELDECK props with open thread are equipped with special stripping wedge for its quick dismantling. The props are also protected from corrosion by zinc or polymer coating. The thread on props has special form to ease the concrete removing.

Formwork beam.

H20 beam is made of high quality glued wood (spruce and silver fir). The beams could be supplied with plastic protecting edge or without it. Careful compliance of manufacture technologies allows saving of ideal geometry of the beams for years.

Admissible bending moment М (kN*m): 5,0
Admissible transverse force Q (kN): 11,0
Geometrical inertia moment JX (сm4): 4613

3S wooden plate.

3S wooden plate is used in horizontal beam formwork. It is made of three cross-glued layers of tree (spruce, fir) and has the size of: 2500 х 500 х 21 mm. It keeps its shape for the entire period of operation, does not deform from exposure to moisture and sun. Impregnation of the panel is light yellow.

  • Easier than laminated plywood by 1.5 times
  • long service life up to 40 cycles
  • not afraid of moisture, nails and scratches

Frame stacking towers ROBUD TT 100 are effective for civil construction.

Key features of the system:

  • Light weight of separate parts
    Fast assembling thanks to small weight of separate parts (Base frame:17kg, panel frame: 7kg)
  • Only 5 system parts
    This reduces number of elements on site and increases their life-time period
  • Fast assembling
    All elements of TT 100 are connected without any bolts or additional fasteners
  • Relocation by crane
    Thanks to diagonals and spindle keylocks, tower can be moved by crane
  • Efficient even with small heights
  • Towers height from 1.8m to 22.3 m
  • Maximum load on leg Fv=53.5 kN

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