The residential complex «GOLDEN ERA»

Ukraine, Odessa

Applies the vertical formwork ROBUD STAYER and horizontal formwork ROBUD STELDECK.


Office buildings and villas

African continent

At this project walls, columns and monolithic crossbars were concreted with help of universal ROBUD STAYER elements.

Other countries

Shopping and entertainment center

Russian Federation, Armavir city

To concrete 900 columns with variable section and 6.0 m height, multifunctional elements of STAYER system were applied.


Underground parking

Russian Federation, Krasnodar city

Height of the wall is 4.0 meters, thickness 1.0 meter. STAYER formwork system passed tests for strength successfully and provided high speed of concreting.


Frame-monolithic apartment complex

Russian Federation, Chita city

System of STELDECK horizontal formwork provided high strength of the construction during concreting.


Nuclear Medicine Centre

Ukraine, Kiev

Unique project, connected to radioactive rays. Thickness of monolithic walls – up to 2.7 meters, height – up to 6.0 meters. ROBUD STAYER formwork system was applied.